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Cloud Fintech & Telecom VAS

One Stop Shop for Fintech

To setup a Fintech, companies have to go through several challenges: Build a rational organization, define the right processes to comply with regulation, choose the best platform and tools to drive the business, implement the services with the right business model and a perfect user-experience, strategize the service deployment with a smart Marketing strategy, analyze reports and improve the service. VYZYO is a One Stop Shop place for all these matters, and we assist you all the way from day one of your Fintech inception up to making your Fintech a successful organization. We address topics such as Regulatory Framework, KYC (Know Your Customer), KYB (Know Your Business), SignUp process, Account validation process, User Experience, User Engagement, Digital Marketing, Analytics…

Mobile Wallet Strategy

Today many companies are introducing Wallets in their service and business in order to holds customers’ assets, such as e-money, service-token, loyalty points. However a Mobile Wallet requires a good understanding of the service requirements, the risk mitigation, the processes to put in place, and the openness for integration with other services and other assets. VYZYO not only brings you an open Wallet platform, but also assist you in the design of the Wallet transactions processes and flows so that you take full advantage of the capabilities of the Wallet, while offering the best services for your Customers.

Financial Services Digitalization

Banks and financial institutions in general face great challenges where new players have been entering the banking sector with more agile attitude, and disruptive models. These banks and Microloan companies with their
heavy traditional processes are severely hurt in their own core business where they loose competitiveness, and where these new entrants are also addressing a new market of Financial inclusion which the banks cannot even think of. To catch up, these financial need to transform their business by introducing Digitalization. At VYZYO, we assist Banks, Microloan institutions, Insurance companies to go Digital, save on costs, and put in place a complete new Digital strategy which would save on costs, and create new business opportunities.

Building a Mobile Bank

With the emerging new technologies, we have seen many branchless banks who started to operate their services, with limited investment in branches and human resources. However, not all are successful. Some consider it from pure technology point of view, forgetting about the banking concepts, and some others try to replicate a bank with inappropriate tools. A Mobile Bank is a totally new paradigm which requires knowhow and the right tools. From the concept up to the after-launch analytics, VYZYO has in house experts and tools to assist you in building a complete and profitable Mobile Bank from scratch.