VYZYO Contact

Cloud Fintech & Telecom VAS

VYZYO Contact™ is a Multichannel Messaging Platform used to deliver messages and content to subscribers’ handsets. It is suitable for services such as Mass Marketing Campaigns, User Engagement, Outbound Dialer, Missed Call Alerts, Survey, SMS and Voice OTP delivery among possible services. 

What VYZYO Contact is suitable for?

VYZYO Contact allows Message Delivery on Any Channel, such as SMS, Voice, USSD, MMS and Video. It also allows Two-way messaging and Interactive session on any channel. VYZYO Contact is built with an unmatched flexibility and it allows combining different channels in the same application such as interactive SMS combined with interactive Voice.

VYZYO Contact has built-in Multi-tenant architecture and allows hosting multiple virtual Service Providers, with full customization of their branding, messages, service charges, etc.

VYZYO Contact is designed for high scalability and openness, and thus offer a complete set of APIs and Web Services for flexible integration with external data sources and platforms.