Telecom Business

Cloud Fintech & Telecom VAS

Telecom business has been one of the most active businesses in technology diversity and innovations. Over the last 15 years, we have seen the rapid replacement of traditional telecom TDM circuit-based connectivity by the packet-based SIP connectivity. The large spread of high speed Internet and Mobile data has enabled a variety of services such as OTT (Over The Top) applications. These applications offer communication services over packet-based data communication, such as voice calls, video calls, instant text messaging, rich content messaging. Some even offer voice and video conferencing with a great quality and stability.

These services tend to eat up a portion of Operators’ revenue. Operators are left with no alternative other than offering themselves similar services, or improve their Value Added Services to retain customers and increase their ARPU (Average Revenue Per User).

VYZYOMedia is a Streaming Platform which gives Operators the ability to offer Multimedia services to their subscribers through any possible models: Pay Per use or Subscription. These services are fully customized to the Operator’s brand, colors and content. The services are designed for entertainment, and put Music track at the center of each service where customers choose their own music flavors to listen to during a call, to send to their fellows, etc.

Our team has decades of experience in Telecom connectivity: we speak fluently SS7, ISUP, ISDN, SIGTRAN, INAP, TCAP, MAP, ISDN, SMS, USSD over MAP and SMPP, MMS over MM7. We have developed our own SIP stack, our own RTP stack, our own Host Media Processing engine, our own VoIP conferencing engine. Our SIP stack integrates all features such as 3PCC, B2BUA.

We have been engineering Telecom platforms, for Mobile Operators as well as Incumbent Landline Operators, and Service Providers. Our experts deal with Capacity planning, Sizing of a platform to fulfill the needs for a specific Call or message Throughput, Quality of Service, Fault resilience, Clustering and Multi-site Redundancy.