Telecom Aggregation

Cloud Fintech & Telecom VAS

The diverse world of Telecom players, gives an opportunity for Aggregators to offer a One Stop Shop for Service Providers, Content Providers and Enterprises to get a connectivity to multiple Operators with one singe connection to an Aggregator.

Our VYZYOGateway Aggregation platform aggregates virtually unlimited Operators, and Payment providers and offers a wide range of services:

  • SMS-MT: SMS termination to Handsets
  • SMS-MO: Inbound SMS traffic processing
  • SMS Campaigns
  • Interactive SMS-MT Campaigns
  • Interactive SMS-MO services
  • USSD-Pull: User initiated USSD sessions
  • USSD-Push: Platform initiated USSD sessions (Push to handset)
  • OBD: Outbound Voice Dialing
  • IBD: Inbound Voice calls processing
  • Voice Campaigns
  • Interactive Voice Outbound Campaigns
  • Interactive Voice Inboung calls
  • MMS-MT: MMS push to Handsets
  • MMS-MO: MMS sent from handsets
  • Carrier Billing: Billing of services on Customer’s Airtime balance
  • Card Payments: Payment processing through Payment Service Providers
  • Mobile Money Payment: Payment processing through Mobile Money accounts