Cloud Fintech & Telecom VAS

VYZYO is a Technology driven company specialized in the design of unique Converging solutions that combine the Mobile Financial Services, Telecom Messaging and communications, to provide a Peer to Peer and Peer to Business seamless financial and messaging transactions.
Since inception, VYZYO has been active in extending its partnerships and footprint by strategic acquisitions and by growing its team with key world-class experts, to offer cutting edge technologies which provide the best user experience and the most advanced technologies for authentication, verification, security, messaging and payment.
VYZYO team has over 100 yeas of combined experience in Telecom Value Added Services and Mobile Financial Services.
VYZYO through its partners and its subsidiaries has full access to electronic Money licenses and International Money Transfer licenses. Thus, we offer access to a large Agent Network in Europe for Outbound Instant Cross border Payment and Money Remittance, with a seamless integration to our European platform.
VYZYO works in partnership with MNOs, Banks, Service Providers, Financial Institutions and Fintechs, and aims at becoming the leading provider of Cloud Fintech services worldwide.
VYZYO makes business with ethics, and social responsibility, and invests in financial inclusion while dedicating a portion of its profit to promote ‘Education For All’ and ‘Financial Independence For All’.